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Good fortune, good health, great hospitality and great food, now at the Club!

With the Christmas season behind us, the Club heads into the Year of the Rabbit with a wide selection of traditional Chinese New Year specialities that you won’t want to miss.

Until the end of the celebrations, our Chinese New Year Lobby House will play host to a range of take-away specialities that will amaze your palate, such as Turnip Cake, Water Chestnut cake, Taro Cake and Chinese New Year Cake. Other delicacies include homemade deep-fried sesame balls, chamomile walnut, and our exclusive three festive hampers.

In addition, to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, why not bring family and friends to enjoy Chinese New Year in a warm, comfortable, friendly and inviting environment at The Horizon restaurant? And finally, as the legend goes, “Build your good fortune for the year to come.”

Wishing you a happy and prosperous Year of the Rabbit!

Executive Assistant Manager – Food & Beverage