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Dear Member,

Kids on 8 is unique in many ways.  Sourcing of the fun stuff, such as the soft toys, trikes and trains took time but who doesn’t like toy shops? Preparing the site for delivery of special features such as the Pirate Ship or Jeep, not to mention the momentous task of lifting them up to the 8th floor and in to their final homes, took co-ordination and teamwork.

Many friendships have been made along the way, solid working relationships founded – and what a thrill to be part of something unique to Hong Kong.

The goal is, of course, to ‘wow’ our children through fun interactive play and with the Train, Fire Engine, Pirate Ship and Castle to name a few, there are endless fantasies to be created, even just for a short while, where the children are lost in a magical world, meeting new friends and learning new skills.

We are proud to introduce Kids on 8. Let the fun begin!

Healthy regards,

Director of Sports & Recreation

Dear Members,

As the weather is now ideal for a comfortable meal on The Deck’s terrace, our famous American Barbecue will be back very soon. Join us every weekend until May 6 for lunch or dinner and try some authentic all-time favourite barbecue dishes.

Many new mildly smoked specialties have been added to this year’s American Barbecue and I would like to take this chance to recommend to you some of the highlights.

Here are just a few of our appetising Texas smoker signatures:
Hot smoked pecan cured salmon
Barbecued baby pork ribs
Smoked braised beef brisket with Chile-coffee rub
Wood roasted chicken with Mexican chocolate and pepper rub
Peppered lamb pastrami

Side dishes and desserts can make an American Barbecue, and there is an extensive list to choose from:
Texas potato salad
Cobb salad with barbecued chicken and bacon
Corn on the cob
Baked potato with condiments
Corn bread
For the sweet finish:
New York style cheesecake
Red Velvet cake
Kentucky Jam cake
Tennessee Mountain cake
Texas Sheet cake
Kansas Carrot cake
Baked Alaska

The Barbecue promotion is included in the regular weekend buffet, so do not hesitate – discover our specialties, pick your favourite and enjoy it with an ice cold beer!

We are looking forward to welcoming you to a warm start in the summer!

Warmest regards,

Massimo Pasquarelli
Executive Chef