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As you may remember, the Club joined the Horseshoe Crab Rearing Programme last September, to foster six baby horseshoe crabs for six months. The rearing programme is run jointly by City University of Hong Kong and Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong. It aims to provide a good habitat for young crabs to grow and to increase their chance of survival.

The time came for us to say goodbye to the horseshoe crabs on Monday, April 10.

Around 25 Members of the Club, together with the representatives from City University and Ocean Park and the horseshoe crab “parents” participated in the event. Before releasing the horseshoe crabs into the wild, we helped to clean up the mudflats in Ha Pak Nai. We got to know more about these beautiful mudflats, the living conditions for the horseshoe crabs and, most importantly, help with environmental conservation.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who took part in this meaningful and enjoyable event, and we wish the young horseshoe crabs all the best in the wild.

Have you ever seen a horseshoe crab? Horseshoe crabs are believed to have been living on this planet since before the dinosaurs. Unfortunately, their number has been declining dramatically in recent years. The Club was delighted to receive eight baby horseshoe crabs last September to foster for six months. The rearing programme is run jointly by City University of Hong Kong and Ocean Park Conservation Fund Hong Kong, aiming to provide a good habitat for young crabs to increase their rate of survival. The horseshoe crabs will eventually be released back to the wild.

Thirty-six Club staff members registered for the programme and were divided into six groups. Each group is responsible to take care of the crabs for one month. Their main duties are to feed the horseshoe crab once a day, clean and maintain their living environment at good conditions (salinity, temperature and pH value), and measure and record their living conditions and health status.

As the foster parents of the baby horseshoe crabs, they visited the Aquatic Science Laboratory at the City University of Hong Kong, named the baby horseshoe crabs and most importantly, help with environmental conservation.

The Club was honoured to recently join the Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association (AKA) for its charity event called the “Fly with Dreams Project – Films Catching Love in Yue Kwong Project”. The Club sent 15 volunteers to team up with the house captains of Yue Kwong Mutual Help Network, and visited Yue Kwong Chuen, one of the redevelopment estates run by the Hong Kong Housing Society. The aim of the project is to collect comments from the elderly residents regarding their living environment.

The visit took place on Tuesday, May 24, and teams collected many comments and photos, which will be submitted to the Hong Kong Housing Society for future development of elderly-friendly housing estate. We also prepared birthday cakes and presents for some of the elderly folk taking part.

There will be two more visits in July and September.

A Run for the Horseshoe Crab, organised by the Club, was held on Tuesday, March 29.

Participants from different departments ran from the Club to Nam Long Shan, for a distance of around four kilometres. Each participant had to raise a minimum of $500, and all donations went to the Club’s Horseshoe Crab Project, in co-operation with Ocean Park.

During the race, participants also tried to collect horseshoe crab cards, which were placed along the route in advance by the Human Resources Department.
This meaningful charity event allowed staff to get out of the workplace and have some fun, as well as raise money for a worthy cause.

Please look out for more information on our Horseshoe Crab Project activities.

The Club was honoured to participate in the “Run for Survival” charity race held on Sunday, February 28 at the Hong Kong Science Park. The race was organised by the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong (OPCFHK). OPCFHK is committed to advocating, facilitating and participating in effective conservation of Asian wildlife, with an emphasis on Chinese white dolphins and giant pandas, and their habitats, through partnerships, fundraising, research and education.  It envisions a world where Asian wildlife remains biologically diverse under the stewardship of humans, corporations and governments.

Money raised from the race will be used to support the Asian wildlife conservation efforts of OPCFHK.