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About La Cave

La Cave offers both retail and dining in a contemporary and private setting. A large selection of wines will be available both by bottle and by the case, and competitively priced. The fine wine selection will cover all major wine regions but show a strong focus on French and Italian wines. There will always be attractive promotions and exceptional service. Delve further into La Cave and a tasting and dining area opens up, where a light meal accompanied by a selection of wine by the glass if the bottle is available. Exclusive to our adult membership base this will be as much as a place for some quiet time away from the bustling kids' area as it will become a ore-dining gathering spot and a place to explore and enjoy wines both new and familiar.

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Useful Information
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Friday & Public Holidays
Midday to 9pm
Saturday & Sunday
11am to 10pm
  • First Floor, Clubhouse
Seating Capacity
  • 30 persons
(852) 2814 5391
(852) 3020 7490
  • Accepted
Admission Policy
  • 18 Years or above