Environment & Safety


The Aberdeen Marina Club currently operates an environmental management system which complies with the Corporate Environmental Statement and the internationally accepted ISO 14001 Standard.

This Environmental Policy forms the basis of our overall environmental commitment. The Club will implement measures to meet policy commitments, including those listed below and corporate environmental commitments, both now and in the future.

We are committed to

  • Adherence to all relevant environmental legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Seeking to minimize marina pollution through regular refuse collection and the promotion of good environmental practices by marina users
  • Planning new activities in a manner which best conserves natural resources and minimises risk to the environment
  • Identifying and implementing environmental improvements on a continual basis, with the emphasis on pollution prevention
  • Seeking to reduce solid waste resulting from the provision of food and beverage services through the implementation of reduce, reuse and recycle principles
  • Training of staff to ensure the implementation of the Club policy and objectives
  • Recognising energy and water consumption as key environmental issues and seeking to reduce the use of these key commodities through the implementation of conservation practices
  • Influencing the environmental performance of suppliers by incorporating environmental considerations into purchasing decisions
  • Working with the community as a whole and in association with staff, members, and suppliers to conserve natural resources and improve the quality of the environment in which we operate

Safety Features

Location & Context

The Aberdeen Marina Club (AMC) is located at 8 Shum Wan Road in the Aberdeen District of Hong Kong Island. It is approximately 40 kilometers from Hong Kong International Airport and easily accessible by the emergency services if required. The Club covers an area of more than 550,000 square feet and operates seven restaurants and ten banqueting venues.

Guest Safety and Security

Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts would like to assure every Member and Guest of its commitment to their personal safety and security.

Fire and Life Safety

The Club is equipped with a comprehensive Fire & Life safety system, which includes the Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm system, Fire Protection System together with Emergency Response Procedures. The Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm system consists of addressable smoke detectors and monitoring devices installed throughout the Club, which are connected to the main fire alarm panel at the Fire Command Centre. Staff at the Fire Command Centre will respond immediately to the activation of any device. The Fire Protection system includes automatic sprinklers together with fire hydrants and hose reels installed throughout the Club. These systems are approved by the Fire Department and regularly tested by our Fire & Life Safety Manager to an approved programme. The Club is also equipped with a tailored system to protect specific areas. This includes the Hi-Expansion Foam System in our Dry Boat Store and the Foam Monitor Gun System at the Wah Fu Fuel Station. The Aberdeen Marina Club has an established, comprehensive Emergency Response Plan, which includes the Emergency Response Team (ERT) and emergency management procedures. The ERT is on standby 24 hours daily, and led by the Club’s Security and Engineering shift manager. All ERT members are fully trained in fire-fighting procedures, first aid and incident handling. Fire Drills are conducted frequently to an approved programme. In addition, a full evacuation drill is conducted twice yearly with the participation of all Club staff.