Environment & Safety

The Aberdeen Marina Club currently operates an environmental management system which complies with the Corporate Environmental Statement and the internationally accepted ISO 14001 Standard. This Environmental Policy forms the basis of our overall environmental commitment. The Club will implement measures to meet policy commitments, including those listed below and corporate environmental commitments, both now and in the future.

The management and staff of the Aberdeen Marina Club are committed to improving and enhancing environmental performance by:

  • adherence to all relevant environmental legislative and regulatory requirements
  • identifying and implementing environmental improvements on a continual basis, with the emphasis on pollution prevention
  • recognising energy and water consumption as key environmental issues and seeking to reduce the use of these key commodities through the implementation of conservation practices
  • seeking to minimize marina pollution through regular refuse collection and the promotion of good environmental practices by marina users
  • seeking to reduce solid waste resulting from the provision of food and beverage services through the implementation of reduce, reuse and recycle principles
  • influencing the environmental performance of suppliers by incorporating environmental considerations into purchasing decisions
  • planning new activities in a manner which best conserves natural resources and minimises risk to the environment
  • training of staff to ensure the implementation of the Club policy and objectives
  • working with the community as a whole and in association with staff, members, and suppliers to conserve natural resources and improve the quality of the environment in which we operate

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