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Hair & Beauty Salon /


At Cutting Edge, we are proud to serve our Members with a wide range of treatments provided by the professional teams of Beauty, Hair, Massage & Nails. The new 2019 menu introduces a variety of cutting-edge treatments using futuristic and advanced technology. Among five-star hotels and clubs in Hong Kong, we are in a leading position in terms of treatment quality and competitive price.

For your overall wellness, the Health Club Massage Centre is committed to delivering the best massage quality by using ZENTS. ZENTS is the only massage oil and body products used by Shangri-La International worldwide. ZENTS has healing formulas packed with luxe hydration, natural anti-aging, opulent organics, and probiotic peptide-rich actives. Zents products are up to 98% organic with biodynamic flower essences. 


Our Massage therapists have a wealth of knowledge in Chinese, and Thai Massage performed in both dry and with ZENTS massage oil.


For your well-being, we recommend a massage session on a weekly basis to improve blood circulation, toxic drainage, and relief of stress and the unburdening of weight from your shoulders.

The Aberdeen Marina Club is a private members' club providing services and facilities for members and their invited guests only.
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