Father’s Day Buffet

The Deck and Portside
Sunday, June 18


Bring your super dad for a super buffet at The Deck or Portside this Father’s Day.


1st session: 10.30am-12.30pm
2nd session: 1-3pm


Dinner 5.30-9pm
Adult: $528; Child: $228


The Deck Highlights
- Chilled abalone with trout roe (single serving)
- Steamed egg custard with crabmeat and roe
- Paella


Portside Highlights
- Braised vermicelli with fish maw, sea whelk
- Roasted suckling pig with herbs
- Double-boiled egg white with peach gum and coconut


For reservations, please call the Central Reservations Centre on 2814 1222 or email reservations@aberdeenmarinaclub.com.



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